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Care/Cleaning of Your Suit

  • Never dry clean your suit on a regular basis (harsh process) can cause damage to the fibers shortening the life of your suit. If you wear suits on a daily basis you can lengthen the life of your suit by wearing it once per week giving the suit fibers time to recover. Do not smash your suit in the closet, give it room to breathe. We tell clients that wear suits daily that they should grow their wardrobe to seven suits for proper rotation. As a rule of thumb dry cleaning your suit once per season is normal.
  • It’s best to invest into a quality clothing brush, this will allow you to brush light dirt from your suit after each wear.
  • If your suit becomes stained for example (food) it does not necessarily mean a run to the dry cleaners, try an un-scented baby wipe and dab the spot.
  • Never iron your suit at home there are dry cleaners who offer pressing services or invest in a hand held steamer to remove wrinkling or creases.
  • Always wear an undershirt under your dress shirt it will help prevent perspiration from getting into your suit
  • When driving your car it is best to remove your suit jacket to prevent wrinkling and creases.
  • Never fill the pockets on your suit, it can cause the material to stretch out causing the suit to lose its shape.
  • Never machine wash your suit at home or place in the dryer for any reason.
  • Always use a reputable cleaner for those times when it is necessary to clean.
  • Never button or clasp your suit jacket or pants while they are hanging in your closet, again it will cause unnecessary wrinkles or creases.
  • Always hang your suit after wearing on a quality hanger, wire hangers do not give proper support to the shoulders of your suit. Wooden or heavy plastic hangers are your best option.
  • Never leave plastic bags on your suit in storage whether from the store or the dry cleaner they may cause yellowing of your suit and if moisture gets trapped in the fibers from pressing, mildew can occur. It is always best to invest in a cloth garment bag.