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When you consider the purchase of a dress shirt; collar style, comfort and appearance are your main concerns. Our dress shirts are made from quality fabrics and the detail workmanship will keep you coming back. Dress shirts are very versatile; they can be paired with a suit and tie, a sport coat and dress slacks or just worn as an open collar for a more casual look.

When choosing a tie, your needs may vary based on the occasion. If you want a conservative look, modern look, business appearance or just want to show your individuality, our staff is here to help you select the perfect tie. Always remember that the knot in your tie should look great with the collar style of your shirt.

Your dress slack is the core of your dress casual look, the main decision you must make is whether you want a more traditional, pleated, fuller look or a more modern, slimmer, flat front appearance. All our slacks are made from exquisite fabrics which offer comfort and long lasting durability. As always, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in choosing the perfect style and color for your outfit.

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